The unknown: How is Barça Lassa?

Barça Lassa

Talking about the Barca team this season is talking about a team on the verge of decomposition, it’s true. This Barça led by Georgios Bartzokas has lost 8 of its last 12 official matches, and maintains a staggering 11 defeats in 13 away games since November 16. This is how he presents himself in Vitoria, although it must also be said that in the Copa del Rey he does not usually miss his appointment with the final: He was present, like Madrid, in six of the last seven disputed.

The 9 times that Barça and Unicaja met in the qualifying rounds, the Catalans won (4 in the Cup)… but the Andalusians won the last duel

Yes, the second favorite begins his career against the Malacitano team in a match that could define his course in this competition, and not because of the obvious fact that it is a toss-up, but because if he passes this first game his career will be for the slightly (but only slightly) more affordable side of the draw, with Herbalife Gran Canaria and Valencia Basket as potential semi-final rivals.

It is true that the azulgranas have strengthened themselves with Faverani, a former Unicaja player, and that the Cup is an excellent opportunity for them to bring joy to a fans who are suffering tremendously this season. Plus, on a good Rice day they can beat anyone. If we want to risk moderately or minimally, Barcelona is clearly our option, and their victory in this Copa del Rey is paid at €3.50 per Euro bet, more than three times what we play.

The host wants the title

host wants the title

Without a doubt, if there is an alternative to Real Madrid and Barça Lassa in this edition of the Cup, that is Baskonia. Sito Alonso’s team plays at home and that is always a guarantee when it comes to Buesa Arena and his team. It is true that his debut in the Copa del Rey (in everyone’s first game, by the way) is a real mine along the way, because Iberostar Tenerife is the revelation of the Endesa League. But we are talking about a different scenario than that of the League, where other factors come into play.

Iberostar Tenerife won its last 4 matches against Baskonia, who only won 1 of the 4 editions of the Copa del Rey played in Vitoria

A first game that, as in the case of Barça Lassa, will mark the rest of the competition. Iberostar Tenerife is the team that conceded the fewest points in the Endesa League, and Baskonia is a very versatile host both inside and out. The home court factor can be key in all the games for the Basques, who, if they manage to impose their rhythm, will undoubtedly be the most feasible risk option, and who receive a fee of €4.00 per Euro bet to win.

The covered: Valencia Basket and Herbalife Gran Canaria

Herbalife Gran Canaria

We are talking about two teams that can perfectly win this Copa del Rey, be careful. In fact, the Canaries are the current runners-up after a 2016 edition in which they surprised until the last game against Real Madrid. The ‘bad’ thing is that they see each other in the quarterfinals, as they almost always come across in this competition. Therefore, if we bet on one of them, we will have to be very clear about which of the two we are betting on, not just on the tournament itself, but on the first game. And in this sense, it seems that the Valencians arrive with some advantage due to background.

Herbalife Gran Canaria took the last precedent against Valencia Basket in the Cup. Valencia Basket, 5 of their last 6 duels

In any case, for this first game we can expect a highly even match between two of the teams that receive the fewest points in the Endesa League, which already gives us some clue regarding sports betting on this match. Sports bets that, by the way, go through the Super Quota that we have prepared for the occasion, with which you will undoubtedly live the matches with the same adrenaline as if you were another player on the track. Forward!

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